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I’m an English-born Kiwi, mother of three children (now adults), happily married (finally!) and living near the beach in beautiful Mount Maunganui, Bay of Plenty.

I think of myself as a style coach rather than a fashion or image stylist. Sharing what I’ve learned to spare others the same pain.

In my spare time I read, try to complete crosswords and sudoko, play with my grandchildren, wish I could travel some more, and regularly study human behaviour at a cafe (otherwise known as ‘people watching’).

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... it’s the result of friends asking me to share how I dressed so well on my tiny budget.

Fascinated with personal presentation and realistic wardrobe planning since childhood, I always wanted to understand WHY an outfit worked (and why it didn’t). Over the years I read, researched, studied, had my colours done, my style diagnosed, my shape identified. Some were wrong, others incomplete or dated, most were expensive.

At 40 I had to rethink my career. I remember a stylist advising a group of us unemployed women something ‘one had to buy’ and thinking ‘Actually, I was planning to feed my family this week!’ It was ludicrous and intensely frustrating advice for someone in my situation.

Retraining as an adult tutor I gained new skills and opportunities. I realised how much I enjoy teaching and coaching women, empowering them in practical ways.

So all of that came together in September 2005 when those friends asked me to explain how to put together an affordable wardrobe.

Someone asked me how Personal Style began...

Please feel free to contact me and ask a question (no pressure or hard-sell) I’d love to help ...

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