Does everything in your wardrobe suit you?

Do you feel confident when choosing clothes?

If not, book a Personal Style consultation
(there’s one to suit every budget).

Phone me on 021 234 8561 or
email margaret@personal-style.co.nz

Questions? You can contact me or look around this website. Try ‘Workshops’ (where there’s information
on workshop topics, types of consultations,
what’s included, and prices) or the FAQ
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Understanding your personal style:
saves you time and money,
builds confidence and self esteem,
lasts a life-time.

Please feel free to contact me and ask a question (no pressure or hard-sell) I’d love to help ...

Phone me on 021 234 8561 or
email margaret@personal-style.co.nz


Did you know most women wear only 20% of their clothes about 80% of the time?

... seems a waste of time and money buying them, doesn’t it?

I’d like to help you understand your personal style (then you won’t need me!) with a few simple, timeless ideas so you know what works for you.

‘it has been money well spent and has paid for itself several times over already’ Vanessa W

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‘Fashion comes and goes
but style lasts forever’

Coco Chanel